About MOCC

Our Mission

To devise a unified network of support for minority males that focuses on bolstering the propensity for academic excellence, emphasizing proficiency in leadership, and encouraging personal and professional growth.

MOCC hosts an annual weekend forum designed to promote leadership and unity amongst the attendees. Students come together to devise a plan, inspire unity amongst each other, interact, and implement thought-provoking activities and programs to take back and impact their broader communities.

About MOCC

The Men of Color Council (MOCC) began at Cornell University in 2003 as a student-run organization whose purpose is to build a unified network of support for minority males attending Cornell University.

MOCC is now a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax status that consists of a compendium of student mentors from across U.S. Universities that identify prospective leaders and aid them in bringing their potential to fruition.